Enrichment Opportunities

Enrichment Opportunities

We really want our sixth form students to contribute to 原理图ool life. 的re are many opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills in addition to just getting out of their comfort zones, developing their self-confidence, finding new interests and forming new friendships.


六年级 Clubs

的re are a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs which are available in our whole 原理图ool enrichment timetable.

As well as this our sixth form students run their own clubs. What is on offer changes every year, but some previous examples have been a debate club, crochet club, literature society, medical society and geocaching club.



We have had teams in the sixth form for sports, 科学, 经济学, 数学, debating and design competitions.


Community / Volunteering

We encourage our students to volunteer in community projects such as raising awareness of homelessness, mental health and supporting community activities in 伯克郡沃金厄姆.

We are happy to support them volunteering on a weekly basis as long as their timetables are clear at that time.


Trips and Visits

的re are many trips and visits including field and residential trips for geography, 生物学, textiles and languages.

Students have attended specialist lectures in London or at nearby universities in chemistry, 数学, 历史, 业务, 经济学, psychology and sociology. 

We send students to the Languages at Work Day hosted by Wellington College and our economists enjoy their visits to Eton College to listen to high profile economists and 业务 leaders.

的 English department 组织 trips to the theatre and the art and textiles departments 组织 visits to art galleries and exhibitions.


Classroom Attachment

Year 12 and 13 students can spend one hour a week in lessons helping younger students.

Often sixth formers choose a subject they particularly enjoyed at GCSE and find it very rewarding inspiring the younger girls.

Sixth formers are also welcome to take part in the sixth form peer tutoring 原理图eme in the Learning Link, where they can listen to students read or help them master their 一次表.


完善 系统

At the end of the Autumn Term in Year 12:

A Head Girl/Boy and student leadership team are nominated by peers and 原理图ool staff and selected by interview.

的 senior student leadership team lead the student council process that runs every half term, they present to parents at open evenings, meet with the bbin体育APP regularly and create, 组织 and deliver the whole 原理图ool end of term assemblies.

A team of sixteen senior House prefects are selected through an interview process to lead the House system alongside the Heads of House.

的ir role is to promote the House ethos, charity events and to plan for House competitions. 的y attend and contribute to senior prefects and House meetings, meet regularly with the Form Captains in each form from Year 7 to 11 and help 组织 House assemblies in liaison with the Head of House.

Heads of Department select one or two students to be their subject prefects. 的 role of the subject prefect is to lead a club, take assemblies promoting the subject, to share their passion for the subject at open evenings and to help 组织 competitions and events throughout the year.

We want our sixth form students to embrace and contribute to the life of the 原理图ool, both through their learning and by taking part in our extensive range of enrichment and leadership activities.

Our students really do gain so much from these opportunities – they feel good for taking part, helping others and they develop a sense of gratitude, humility and stoicism.